Career Journey recognises that your career is a life-long path that you are in charge of.

Ultimately, it is you who owns your career but that doesn’t mean you should be doing it without support. Managing your career is an important part of your journey through your career, it requires a multitude of tools.

Career Journey can provide the professional support you need regardless of where you are in your career path.

Job Search/Application

If only 5 are chosen, will you be among them?

Career Planning/Development

Career decisions require knowing when, where, why, who, what and how.

Personal Branding/LinkedIn

The difference between getting the job you want and missing out.

Heather at Career Journey has been instrumental in getting me the most important job of my career to date. Concluding MBA study and requiring a role that matched my qualifications to stay in New Zealand, coupled with a very competitive jobs market meant months of disappointment prior to consulting with Heather. After one session with her, I had clarity in where I was going wrong, a great CV and covering letter and nailed the next interview I had, thanks to her advice and expertise. I highly recommend Heather if you are looking for first class employment, comprehensive guidance to achieve your career goals.

– Fliss Roberts –

Heather was able to develop a professional CV for me which targeted the area of work I wanted to transition into.

– Andrea Fitzgerald –

Something that pays the bills as well

Don’t lose sight of the economic realities of career decisions! While we still have skill shortages the prediction is that the economy will slow, and things will get harder in the labour market later this year.We are starting to see redundancies as some companies...

‘Goblin mode’ will have an impact on your career

‘Goblin mode’ was chosen by the public as the 2022 Oxford word of the year. Oxford defines goblin mode as ‘a type of behaviour which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations.’ The...

Experience isn’t everything

Don’t rely on past achievements to get you through. If you have hit a glass ceiling or you are not getting to where you want, maybe you need to make some changes to move towards the career/job you want. Relying on your experience can be a hinderance and lead you to...

Work in Progress

Many of us have heard about ‘Minimum viable product’ when you launch a product that isn’t perfect but is good enough with a view to making further improvements later. If you struggle with perfectionism and that is what stopping you from making the move to where you...

Is it Pandemic Brain or just Stress?

Many of you will be seeing the phrase pandemic brain pop up as the new catch phrase. But is it really about the pandemic or simply the result of a number of years in which we have had to do a fair amount of adapting and working under very challenging circumstances?...

Burnout – is quiet quitting really the answer?

Quiet quitting may seem like a good way to support yourself through what has been a very stressful and challenging few years. Is it really the best way to deal with a work life that clearly isn’t working for you anymore? Quiet quitting or working without putting in...

Second rate applications will still miss the mark!

It is true that the current employment market means there are many opportunities out there. Current labour markets at present do favour employees and contractors. But this does not mean that there is no competition or that your applications can be second rate. Low...