Many of us have heard about ‘Minimum viable product’ when you launch a product that isn’t perfect but is good enough with a view to making further improvements later.

If you struggle with perfectionism and that is what stopping you from making the move to where you want to be, I challenge you to stop and consider the idea of just deciding you are a work in progress and launching anyway.

Are you waiting until you have finished one or more course, or have that degree, or Master of PhD? Do you think you need more experience or another skill set?

If you have ever stopped yourself from taking a step because you thought you were not quite perfect, perhaps you are doing yourself harm.

No one is ever perfectly finished, Life is about learning and developing along the way. Stopping yourself from doing things until everything is perfect is just a form of procrastination.

Not being a perfectionist is not about not putting in the effort. It is more about allowing yourself to be imperfect while striving for the best you can be.

You need to be able to open yourself up to failing sometimes, and to even feeling inadequate. You need to be able to take on feedback and criticism.

A work in progress isn’t perfect, it is able to be development and refined over time. That is the important thing.

Progress over perfection!

– Heather

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay