Job Search

70-80% of the New Zealand job market is hidden (never advertised). If you are looking for a position and can’t find it, it might be you are simply not looking in the right place or making the right connections.

When you find that position if only 5 are chosen will you be among them?


The CV’s function is to get you to the interview. It is vital that you are positioning yourself as a top candidate to the recruiter/employer.

Cover Letter

A key part of a job application, while a cover letter is complementary to your CV, it must stand alone as a uniquely crafted document that can get you to the interview on its own merit.

Interview Coaching

By the time you are asked to an interview the recruiter has probably already decided you could do the job. What they are now looking for is fit. Can you demonstrate that?

Career Planning

Career decisions are no longer the responsibility of your employer. They require solid and informed information and exploration by you. Knowing when, where, why, who, what and how will eliminate mistakes and save money and time and give you a clear picture of what you want, and where you want to go and what is possible. Plans and goals do change, but good pre-planning means you can easily make adjustments.

Career Transitions

Current theory says you may have up to 7 occupations in your life time. Coupled with the need to maintain and upgrade skills you are likely to transition in and out of education and training and change jobs many times over your career. Transitioning can be a scary and complex exercise which often requires re-evaluating, re-branding and re-training, and some new network development.

Educational Guidance

Making an informed educational decision is important. With high fees/interest on student loans and reduced time for allowances/loan assistance, spending time making the right decision before you embark on education has become a priority.

Career Development

You are the CEO of your company. The new work climate requires you to upskill constantly to maintain the status quo. Good career management involves an ongoing development plan keeping you up to play and moving you in the direction you want. Developing your career when you don’t need to, makes it easier to grab opportunities when they arise.

Personal Branding/LinkedIn

Maintaining and growing your brand and social media profile is now part of the core career management tools you need to master. A key component of modern careers, your personal brand needs to be clear, concise and consistent across all your platforms.

LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn profile development is a must have social media tool, whether you are yet to build a profile or you are re-positioning or refreshing what you have it is essential that you have a comprehensive, cohesive and consistent identity on display.

Personal Branding

Ever wondered why some people always have great jobs and projects just land in their laps? More often than not they will have a strong personal brand which helps to drive great things to them. Branding and brand management in today’s labour market is the key to being competitive.

Reputation Development

Building a consistent and desired reputation helps to develop your career into the areas in which you would like to grow. It can be a complex exercise to get right especially if you are changing your brand identity.