Many of you will be seeing the phrase pandemic brain pop up as the new catch phrase. But is it really about the pandemic or simply the result of a number of years in which we have had to do a fair amount of adapting and working under very challenging circumstances?

Stress is a natural part of our lives, and we all know a little can be good for us even motivational, but the last few years has depleted many people’s ability to absorb the impacts of stress. Giving it a new name shouldn’t disguise the underlying symptoms. Burnout, fatigue, and an overload of stress is harmful. So, what are you going to do about it quiet quitting and changing jobs in the ‘great resignation’ have pervaded media this year but let’s look at the real causes rather than the effects so we can make some meaningful health and lifestyle changes.

Stress and burnout are about lack of control, too big workloads, feeling undervalued or having value conflicts, not feeling sufficiently rewarded and having no community within our work environment.
It is only when these underlying issues are addressed that ‘pandemic brain’ a new word for ‘too much stress’ will be resolved.

Image: Brain by Elisa from Pixabay