It is true that the current employment market means there are many opportunities out there. Current labour markets at present do favour employees and contractors. But this does not mean that there is no competition or that your applications can be second rate.

Low unemployment and a people shortage often results in a lot of movement. Many people are looking to change roles and potentially maximise opportunities, especially those with roles in the government sector where the wage freeze has meant the only way to get a raise is to change roles. This means there is still competition for good roles and plenty of people looking.

Another factor is the result of a tight labour market. Recruiting is a expensive exercise and employers only want to do it once. At the lower end of the market they just want a warm body who will turn up but as soon as you reach mid to higher end employment the checks and balances increase and employers will want a candidate who is exceptional and looks like they will stay for the long term.

The application process can be intense and highly competitive. If you think you can just flick any old application off to an employer in this market, you would be wrong. Employers have realised they need to be more flexible with some of their criteria, but they still are looking for excellent candidates who can demonstrate strong skills and who really want the job on offer.

A tight labour market with low unemployment and a people shortage can be a golden opportunity, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t have to put any effort into the application process, or you may find you still miss out.

Image: Apply Now – by Adrian from Pixabay